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Conference Bullshit

It is quite incredible witnessing the mentality of the LIb Dem faithful over the course of their conference. Of course these are the most loyal party members and activists and were never going to reflect the anger felt by many … Continue reading

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UK Uncut’s Emergency Operation: Save Our NHS

Andrew Lansley’s thinly disguised plans to privatise the NHS threaten to increase inequality in access to healthcare and create a system like that in the US, where a third of healthcare costs are invested in administration rather than patients’ best … Continue reading

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Reflection on March 26th Protest + Photos and Video

The atmosphere yesterday was amazing and I think few people would have left the demonstration disappointed (other than at the violence down Oxford Street that always threatens to overshadow the message). We witnessed a diverse range of people united in … Continue reading

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VAT rise regressive

As I’m sure everyone is aware, VAT has risen to 20%.  It is a hard measure to justify, and Osborne’s flimsy excuse – that it’s either VAT or more cuts – won’t do much to convince people. It will supposedly … Continue reading

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Two very different visions of community

It is enchanting and enticing rhetoric: the Con-Dem government wants “to put more power and opportunity into the people’s hands.” This is the opening line of the cabinet office’s Big Society statement. Individualism was what Thatcher was all about – … Continue reading

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After the Comprehensive Spending Review was announced, the impartial and respected think tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, released a report stating that the measures were regressive.  Nick Clegg condemned the assessment as “distorted and complete nonsense.” As deputy leader … Continue reading

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Clegg’s broken promises

Jon Snow interviewed Nick Clegg last night on Channel 4 News, highlighting the hyppocricies of his 2010 election broadcast. If you can’t stomach the video here are a few quotes: “Broken promises; there have too many in the last few … Continue reading

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