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UK Uncut Emergency Operation 28th May

Today we descended upon Camden to protest against the government’s NHS reforms. The government is trying to rush these reforms through despite massive opposition from the public, from NHS staff and healthcare experts. What’s more, this government got into power … Continue reading

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UK Uncut’s Emergency Operation: Save Our NHS

Andrew Lansley’s thinly disguised plans to privatise the NHS threaten to increase inequality in access to healthcare and create a system like that in the US, where a third of healthcare costs are invested in administration rather than patients’ best … Continue reading

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’15 year old tells establishment to stick it’

Some of us were at this conference but all missed this workshop. This guy’s 15, pretty impressive:! One we did see which was very good, Dr Jacky Davis talking about changes to the NHS:  

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“NHS may reach breaking within the next few years”

I have lifted the following from a press release from the RCP (Royal Colleges of Physicians): Dr Andrew Goddard, RCP director of medical workforce, suggests that increasing hospital admissions, inflexibility of junior doctors’ hours due to the European Working Time … Continue reading

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NHS will crumble

Polly Toynbee of The Guardian raises the good point that lack of necessary investment in the NHS will lead to far more politically deadly headlines than the surreptitious and relatively unacknowledged cuts to things like Sure Start, which have a … Continue reading

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The NHS is not ringfenced

Despite the government’s claims that spending on the NHS will increase in real terms and that it is ringfenced, the institution is set to suffer enormous cutbacks. We will try to disseminate as much information as possible on this topic … Continue reading

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