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Occupy London, Global Day of Action

This Saturday will see the first major action of the newly formed Occupy London. We plan to occupy the London Stock Exchange at 1pm and this will form a part of a Global Day of Action, which will see the … Continue reading

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Where We’re @

This Summer has not seen much in the way of angry demonstration and a worrying but fairly understandable lapse of organised protest-always the way eh. But the continued stagnation of our economy and our steady decline of living standards has … Continue reading

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Block the Bridge, Block the Bill

Feeling very reinvigorated after a weekend’s protest. After yesterday’s anti war demo we occupied Westminster Bridge this afternoon in order to apply pressure on the House of Lords, who will be voting on the reforms this week. It was fantastic … Continue reading

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Anti-War Rally London 8th October

Yesterday we attended an anti war rally in Trafalgar Square to call those responsible to account for the mess they are sustaining in Afghanistan. This war has now seen almost 400 British soldiers dead, scores more radicalised Islamists and a … Continue reading

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Conference Bullshit

It is quite incredible witnessing the mentality of the LIb Dem faithful over the course of their conference. Of course these are the most loyal party members and activists and were never going to reflect the anger felt by many … Continue reading

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Cut The Aid Budget Entirely? Hold yo’ Horses

A useful cognitive trait of mine is being able to identify Phillipsian discourse (writings, speeches and general utterances of Melanie Phillips) and remove her cancerous diatribes from my consciousness. However her recent impassioned plea to close the Department for International … Continue reading

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UK Economists express concern over growth plan

Well Osborne has been facing criticism from the left from day one and now he will have to further justify his unwavering commitment to a failing economic policy to some of those who provided initial support. ‘Some of Britain’s leading … Continue reading

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