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This Summer has not seen much in the way of angry demonstration and a worrying but fairly understandable lapse of organised protest-always the way eh. But the continued stagnation of our economy and our steady decline of living standards has highlighted its need as well as validated our opposition to both the cuts and the cunts.

It was good to hear Ed Miliband outlining a sketchy vision of an ideal future which prioritised people before profit, but we all know that Labour would do little to challenge the status quo – look how much hope was invested in Obama and how little effect he has had on the power structures that dominate US politics. I attach little to no expectation to Ed.

The more people that are affected by this financial crisis the more prominence this question should gain – that is, “is this economic system working for everybody?” You’d have to be a fool or a fundamentalist to believe so. Surely even the those with the highest faith in unfettered free-marketeering will wonder where the benefits are for the hard working and aspirational.

I cannot believe we are still hearing the Tories blaming Labour for their every economic problem (well I can but the desperation of its ringing is getting ever louder), when it is as clear as day thay they themselves have compunded whatever damage Labour wrought. I understand nobody having faith in Labour’s economic policy, but seriously, how can you believe in that of the Tories? Even the IMF has denounced their austerity measures. The IMF!

Basically I think our job is not to simply oust this government of moneyed monkeys but to get people questioning what they want from society. We will all agree on some degree of equality and anyone can see the vast and unprecedented iniquity that has defined this modern age and its consequent, destructive division. We need to challenge these power structures, question the benefits of our pursuit of perpetual growth and establish an economic system that works for us, is sustainable and that we are invested in. I don’t think Labour would be nearly as bad as this god forsaken coalition, but is it really too bad a thing to idealise a future in which we have politicians we want to vote for, who represent us? The neo-liberal economic experient, rolled out to almost every corner of the earth, has failed on a monumental scale. Those who wish for its revitalisation and sustenance are those who occupy that tiny minority of untold wealth, who exist in a reality so detached from the overwhelming majority that their existence has until now gone barely registered. They’re already rich enough so why can’t they just fuck off and die in their heaps of happiness. Let us have a go at restructuring the foundations of society so that it works for the majority’s interest. We have the courage to fight to realise our dreams of a fair and sustainable society and the time is ripe to get our views across and build this protest movement into something with serious influence.


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