Block the Bridge, Block the Bill

Feeling very reinvigorated after a weekend’s protest. After yesterday’s anti war demo we occupied Westminster Bridge this afternoon in order to apply pressure on the House of Lords, who will be voting on the reforms this week.

It was fantastic to have that characteristically UK Uncut atmosphere back of joyful and peaceful protest. It has really felt as though the Summer’s lethargy and disorganisation was shaken off and it is incredibly exciting to look ahead to the plethora of planned actions over the coming weeks. Great comedy was provided by Josie Long, Mark Thomas and many other brilliant comics. We had an Occupy London general assembly thing, with plans for this protest movement’s direction discussed and the day culminated with a march to Parliament Square.

We need to keep applying pressure and keep fighting this government’s ideologically driven cuts agenda. Our actions this far have been vindicated by the economy’s total stagnation and we need to get the argument heard that it is people, not banks, that need investment. We can still recover from the damage thus far wrought, but we need to spread the word of a fair alternative that can lead to a sustainable economy and environment.

My contirbution to this blog has been shamefully nonexistent of late and I shall endeavour to rectify this and keep upcoming event posted, as well as our involvement in actions and protests in London. This Winter will likely be hairy, but it feels great to be back on the streets fighting our cause.


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