Anti-War Rally London 8th October

Yesterday we attended an anti war rally in Trafalgar Square to call those responsible to account for the mess they are sustaining in Afghanistan. This war has now seen almost 400 British soldiers dead, scores more radicalised Islamists and a Taliban that is still strong and hungry for an opportunity to re-establish its despotic regime. We were treated to talks by John Pilger, Julian Assange (thought he was in Sweden…), Seamus Milne, Tony Benn and an inspiring array of activists and anti war campaigners.
The issue of war is a cuts issue as we see millions spent on a daily basis on a war that is going nowhere and has caused immeasurable and irreversible damage. This money could have been used to strengthen our welfare state, prevent job losses and the gutting of our NHS, pensions and public sector. As the placards read: Cut War Not Welfare


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