Conference Bullshit

It is quite incredible witnessing the mentality of the LIb Dem faithful over the course of their conference. Of course these are the most loyal party members and activists and were never going to reflect the anger felt by many of the leftwing members at getting into bed with the Conservatives, but the scale of self delusion is amazing. In his speech today Clegg said, “Never apologise for the difficult things we are having to do. We are serving a great country at a time of great need. There are no shortcuts, but we won’t flinch.” When entering Government Clegg looked uneasy at the best of times – now he, along with many members, has totally convinced himself that the coalition was unavoidable and what the public wanted – on the basis that the Tories got the most votes, neglecting the fact that many of the Lib Dem votes would likely not have been cast had the voters known the consequences. They also believe that every cut is necessary and that they are doing the right thing. Now this is a dangerous level of delusion and one that characterises Osborne’s economic policy. If these politicians are not going to acknowledge the possibility that they may be making mistakes, we are all fucked. The pathetic growth that our economy is expecting is a grim indictment of their manner of deficit reduction and now even the IMF is sending out the warning signs.

To anyone who has glanced our way over the summer I apologise for the severe lack of posts. New jobs/busy Summer/general dejection. But now the cold is here, the Summer gone and sufficient anger has replaced the disillusion. With this government I’m sure there will be plenty of fuel.


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