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These cuts go beyond key sectors: Councils are being forced to undermine projects which empower and assist the most vulnerable

To some degree the disproportionate emphasis on government cuts to the big sectors (health, eduction, defence etc) represents the fact that they are broadly prioritised in the nation’s psyche and that they determine to a large extent peoples voting intentions. … Continue reading

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UK Uncut Emergency Operation 28th May

Today we descended upon Camden to protest against the government’s NHS reforms. The government is trying to rush these reforms through despite massive opposition from the public, from NHS staff and healthcare experts. What’s more, this government got into power … Continue reading

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Growth forecast downgraded…again

Left Foot Forward reported the OECD’s revised stance towards our economy’s growth: “For 2011, it has now downgraded its UK growth outlook from 1.5 per cent to 1.4 per cent and for 2012 from 2 per cent to 1.8 per … Continue reading

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More Big Society Bollocks

Image by Steve Bell. Cameron is once again trying to resuscitate – for the fourth time – his grand plans for a Big Society. It’s not that the concept is vapid and insubstantial, he says, we’re just not getting it. … Continue reading

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A good blog from Left Foot Forward

Here is a blog about Cameron’s failure to explain what he means by ‘rebalancing the economy’ and how his commitments lie with the financial sector, rather than manufacturing, which he purports to support.

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UK Uncut’s Emergency Operation: Save Our NHS

Andrew Lansley’s thinly disguised plans to privatise the NHS threaten to increase inequality in access to healthcare and create a system like that in the US, where a third of healthcare costs are invested in administration rather than patients’ best … Continue reading

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HM Treasury is full of bullshit!

I’ve just been browsing the internet for some stats and came across this on the Treasury website and was almost bowled over by the bullshit: “The Spending Review sets out a new vision for a fairer Britain. It sets out … Continue reading

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