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Arrests of UK Uncut Campaigners

In the wake of the protest campaigners who were affiliated with UK Uncut were arrested, having peacefully occupied Fortnum and Mason on account of their store’s owners, Whittington Investements, dodging over £40m in tax. There is clear evidence that a … Continue reading

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Some good Protest/Cuts related videos

These all featured on The Guardian. Here is a video featuring UK Uncut, Coalition of Resistance, False Economy, Robin Hood Tax and 38 Degrees. It’s got a lot of the important stats. Here are two the Guardian made on … Continue reading

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Research to prioritise ‘big society’

“With breathtaking speed, a slogan for one political party has become translated into a central intellectual agenda for the academy” – An anonymous principal of an Oxford college. Not content with stripping the state down to its bare bones, reducing … Continue reading

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Reflection on March 26th Protest + Photos and Video

The atmosphere yesterday was amazing and I think few people would have left the demonstration disappointed (other than at the violence down Oxford Street that always threatens to overshadow the message). We witnessed a diverse range of people united in … Continue reading

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Budget ’11

With the government’s forecast for growth downgraded by 0.4%, public borrowing hitting its highest rate since records began in 1993, cost of commodities rising, inflation rising to 4.7% (highest rate in 16 years, well over the government’s 2% target) and … Continue reading

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Private Eye Revelations 2

In the latest issue (1284, 18 – 31 March), Private Eye has revealed/reported that: RBS declared that its £28m (inc £7.7m for CEO Stephen Hester) in bonuses handed out to staff were awarded after “exhaustive consultation with our shareholders.” We … Continue reading

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Protest tune

Here is a song about banks and corrupt politicians: It’s (provisionally) called Sold Out. Unless we progress with reform And address iniquity’s root cause we’ll be at mercy to money’s force and things won’t get better before they get … Continue reading

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