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’15 year old tells establishment to stick it’

Some of us were at this conference but all missed this workshop. This guy’s 15, pretty impressive:! One we did see which was very good, Dr Jacky Davis talking about changes to the NHS:   Advertisements

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Appalling behaviour at the student protests It is clear that both students and police officers behaved disgracefully at the recent student protests. Let’s address the balance in reporting by recognising the completely inappropriate treatment of some protesters by some police officers. This footage does not … Continue reading

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Two very different visions of community

It is enchanting and enticing rhetoric: the Con-Dem government wants “to put more power and opportunity into the people’s hands.” This is the opening line of the cabinet office’s Big Society statement. Individualism was what Thatcher was all about – … Continue reading

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Saturday December 18th is Pay Day – “Over the past few months, protesters have staged sit ins, performance interventions, pickets, flash mobs, superglue stick-ons and intrepid one-woman protests against tax dodgers across the country. Saturday December 18th is Pay Day, our next day of mass action. … Continue reading

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TUC National Demo Against Cuts 26th March 2011


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Don’t forget climate change

A few people I have spoken with disagree that the anti-cuts movement should include explicit calls for action on climate change, while others think that the climate shouldn’t necessarily be one of our biggest concerns currently. I disagree. The issue of climate change is arguably still the … Continue reading

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Robbed by the rich

Cases of high profile tax avoiders are becoming more and more widely known. You’d have to have your head buried in a pretty deep hole to be unaware of Sir Philip Green, billionaire owner of the Arcadia Group, which runs … Continue reading

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